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Amazing Automobilia at Auction

    A brace of vintage petrol pump globes are estimated to sell for thousands of pounds in the Charterhouse specialist auction of automobilia on Tuesday 4th April.

    “The market for automobilia continues to remain strong.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Enamel signs, car mascots and petroliana are just the perfect decoration to add into your classic car garage, shed or man-cave”.

    The vintage globes are rare survivors. They originally sat on top of petrol pumps and were lit up at night to tempt you on to the garage forecourt to buy their petrol. Being made of glass they were easily knocked, damaged and thrown away.

    Both the glass pump globes at Charterhouse were rescued from a Somerset scrap over 40 years ago. They were carefully put on display in the owner’s garage alongside their classic and vintage cars until they recently decided to have a sort out.

    Both the National Benzole Mixture and Power vintage glass petrol pump globes are estimated at £1,000-1,500 each in the Charterhouse 4th April specialist automobilia auction.

    Further entries are now being accepted for this automobile auction, contact Richard Bromell and the team at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne, Dorset are available for help and valuations on 01935 812277 or via

    National Benzole glass petrol pump globe £1,000-1,500

    Power glass petrol pump globe £1,000-1,500