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Farm Fresh Bentley

    A 1935 Bentley, which has been stored in an old cart shed for the past 68 years, has been unearthed and estimated to sell for £50,000-70,000 in the Charterhouse specialist auction of classic and vintage cars on Wednesday 12th October.

    “Growing up as a child I thought every farm had old buildings hiding away classic and vintage cars.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Although I have seen and sold many barn finds at Charterhouse over the decades, this one certainly trumps all other previous discoveries.”

    The Bentley being auctioned by Charterhouse rolled off the Derby production line in 1935. Bought by Philip Bushell it was dispatched to Thrupp and Maberly coachbuilders where a drop head coupe body was fitted.

    Philip Bushell was a wealthy Australian tea merchant and the car was sent over to Australia. It returned to these shores and ended up being for sale in a Shaftesbury garage in 1954.

    It was here that a 73 year old local farmer fell in love with the car and purchased the Bentley for £1,050, a not inconsiderable sum in those days. Bought as a “farm vehicle” the farmer disliked the yellow paintwork and had the car repainted in black, costing another £500.

    Moving forward to 1968 and the Bentley failed the MOT on its kingpins, so it was pushed in to the farm cart shed. It was brought out again in about 1971 by the current owner, the farmers’ grandson, when some repairs were made but only for it again to be pushed back in the shed where it remained until today, with the exception of the Bentley winged B radiator cap which was taken into the farmhouse for safe keeping.

    With the farmers grandson, and now his own son, realising they will never get around to restoring this beautiful Bentley, they contacted Richard Bromell at Charterhouse in Sherborne to value the car which has been in their family for 68 years.

    Now requiring full restoration, this rare 1935 Derby Bentley, with just a handful of owners, is estimated at £50,000-70,000 in the Charterhouse auction of classic and vintage cars being held at the prestigious Haynes International Motor Museum, Sparkford, on Wednesday 12th October.

    Charterhouse are now accepting further entries for this auction, their 29th September auction of Automobilia and Memorabilia and their 5th October Classic & Vintage Motorcycle auction also at Haynes.

    Richard Bromell and the team at Charterhouse can be contacted for valuations at The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne 01935 812277 or via

    1935 Bentley with a Thrupp & Maberly drop head coupe body

    Stored in an old farm cart shed  since 1968 having been in the same family ownership for 68 years £50,000-70,000 in the Charterhouse auction of classic and vintage car at Haynes Motor Museum on 12th October