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1972 Fiat 500L

Estimate     £10000-£12000

Maker Fiat
Model 500L
Colour Ferrari red
Registration BJU 508T
Year 1972
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Registration number BJU 508T
Ferrari red
Few original factory right hand drives remain The 500 was imported from Malta to the UK registered on Monday 16th October 1978
Owner bought the car in 2015
The bodywork was seriously faded, covered in dust, but most of completely original throughout and no rust anywhere due to being stored inside for 16 years
A unique restoration process has taken place with all parts restored rather than the easier option of replacing with new
All panels remain original, all fixtures and fittings have painstakingly been retained and remain in their respective places
All nuts and bolts were carefully removed, degreased, highly polished and then re-greased
All original bolts from the door hinges, brakes and engine have the Fiat logo stamped as from factory new
The window winder mechanisms were acid dipped, stripped, re-polished, greased and replaced with original bolts
Original door cards, seats and bases
Original jack, tool kit, fuel tank and steering wheel
Original floor carpet professionally dyed back to black
Wheels soda blasted
Car body panels were soda blasted back to bare metal for re-paint prep work
Original rear metal Fiat 500 badge remains in situ with original fixing clips, same with windscreen wash bag with its original metal screw cap
A decision was made to re-chrome all of the original parts such as front and rear bumpers, quarter light window frames and wheel covers as the metal quality in weight, thickness and appearance was so much more aesthetically pleasing
This in turn has kept the 500 looking superb in line with the restoration making use of the genuine quarter light window frames and quarter light frame clamps and fixings that is rare to see compared to the cheap aftermarkets available
It retains the original leather rag top and the car has been sprayed Ferrari red two pack paint
There is full restoration album and a briefcase of history
The car is so original even has the original battery housing again rust free
No welding or panels have been changed adapted or altered
It retains its original engine, fully serviced and starts and runs perfectly

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